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Various - Traxbox Album

Various - Traxbox Album
House, Acid House, Electro, Freestyle, Latin, Disco, Synth-pop
30 Sep 2013
MP3 album size:
2493 mb
FLAC album size:
2564 mb
Harmless, Trax Records


1Boris BadenoughHey Rocky! (Extended)6:49
2Master C & JDub Love (Original 12 Inch Version)6:55
3Jesse VelezIntro (Do It To The Beat) (Original 12 Inch Version)0:48
4Radio FashionWhat You Deserve (Mistake Mix) 6:10
5Farley "Jackmaster Funk" Presents Ricky DillardAs Always (Lovin’ House Mix) 14:08
6Lidell TownsellAcid Hole (Original 12 Inch Version)5:41
7Jesse VelezWe Don’t Need No Music (Original 12 Inch Version)3:51
8Rude Boy Himself Farley Farley FarleyGive Your House To Me (Original 12 Inch Version)3:59
9PhutureYour Only Friend (Original 12 Inch Version)4:53
10Sleezy D.I’ve Lost Control (Space Side)9:43
11Curtis Mc Claine And On The HouseLets Get Busy (Dub Mix) 6:37
12Le' NoizGet Out (Original 12 Inch Version)5:08
13K.G.B.Respect (Rap Brads Club Mix)3:49
14On The HouseGive Me Back The Love (Club Mix) 7:33
15Pleasure ZoneI Can’t Understand (Original 12 Inch Version)5:26
16Mr. LeeHouse This House (Dub) 4:59
17On The House With Marshall JeffersonRide The Rhythm (Mixed By Frankie Knuckles)
Mixed By – Frankie Knuckles
18Mr. LeeCome To House (Club) 5:04
19The House GangCool J Track (RX) 5:55
20Virgo FourDo You Know Who You Are? (Original 12 Inch Version)4:41
21ScamaraKisses Never Lie (Club Edit)5:49
22MysteryMystery Girl (Club)4:28
23EvieJust Stay The Night (Dub) 4:31
24VirgoFree Yourself (Original 12 Inch Version)6:56
25Farley Jackmaster FunkClap'n The Pella2:25
26Virgo FourTake Me Higher (Original 12 Inch Version)4:37
27Curtis Mc Claine And On The HouseLets Get Busy (Original 12 Inch Version)5:49
28Acid Fantaslee Mr. LeeAcid Pump Up London (Original 12 Inch Version)7:53
29Dean AndersonDon’t Dub (Original 12 Inch Version)4:11
30Vincent LawrenceVirgo Tracks Again (Untitled A1)2:01
31Frankie KnucklesYour Love (Original 12 Inch Version)6:43
32Kevin IrvingChildren Of The Night (Original 12 Inch Version)5:42
33K.G.B.Respect (Rap Radio Edit) 2:54
34Robert OwensBring Down The Walls (Dub) 4:09
35Vincent LawrenceVirgo Tracks Again (Untitled A3)1:53
36Jungle WonzTime Marches On (Club Mix) 8:13
37Two Of A Kind Featuring James EarlSomewhere In West Hell (Original 12 Inch Version)6:33
38Terry BaldwinHouse Master (Radio Mix) 5:00
39Willie WonkaIt’s Now Or Never (Original 12 Inch Version)4:35
40Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands HulaGotta Big Dick (Instrumental Mix) 5:21
41Screamin RachaelMy Main Man (My Main Dub) 6:35
42Pleasure ZoneHouse Nation (Original 12 Inch Version)5:27
43Mr. LeeI Can’t Forget (Club) 5:39
44Le' NoizWanna Dance? (Original 12 Inch Version)6:22
45DalisRock Steady (Edit) 3:00
46Farley Jackmaster FunkFarley Farley (Original 12 Inch Version)4:56
47Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands HulaThis Is Acid (Original 12 Inch Version)4:51
48Mr. LeePump Up Chicago (Original 12 Inch Version)3:51
49Mr. FingersCan You Feel It (Original 12 Inch Version)5:45
50Rich MartinezAre You Ready (Original 12 Inch Version)4:54
51Pierre's Pfantasy ClubGot The Bug (Instrumental) 6:57
52Rich MartinezAre You Ready (Rub A Dub) 4:54
53Ron HardySensation (Short)3:31
54Robert OwensBring Down The Walls (Inst.)2:06
55Lidell TownsellParty People Jack Your Body (House Mix Radio Edit)3:25
56Pleasure ZoneFuck Charley (Original 12 Inch Version)5:23
57Donnell RushKnockin At My Door (Wall Of Sound Mix)4:00
58Robert OwensBring Down The Walls (Original 12 Inch Version)5:37
59Mr LeeCome To House (Original 12 Inch Version)5:00
60Lidell TownsellThe Groove (Original 12 Inch Version)5:06
61Lidell TownsellAs Acid Turns (Original 12 Inch Version)5:10
62Farm BoyJackin’ Me Around (House Mix) 6:03
63VirgoUnder You (Original 12 Inch Version)9:40
642 House People Featuring Cynthia MHouse My Body (Original 12 Inch Version)6:44
65Rich MartinezAre You Ready (Dub) 4:54
66Le' NoizCertainly (Original 12 Inch Version)6:22
67PhutureSlam! (Original 12 Inch Version)5:40
68The House GangBango Acid (Original 12 Inch Version)4:24
69Willie WonkaBlow (Original 12 Inch Version)4:05
70Sweet DThank Ya (Original 12 Inch Version)8:40
71AdonisWe're Rocking Down The House (Instrumental)2:55
72Vincent LawrenceVirgo Tracks Again (Untitled B2) 2:00
73Jesse VelezRocko Laugh (Original 12 Inch Version)0:13
74Frankie KnucklesBad Boy (Original 12 Inch Version)6:18
75DancerNumber Nine (Original 12 Inch Version)3:32
76Frankie KnucklesIt’s A Cold World (Original 12 Inch Version)5:22
77K.G.B.Respect (Rap Scratch Mix) 2:21
78Pleasure ZoneHold These Nuts (Original 12 Inch Version)5:06
79Marshall JeffersonThe House Music Anthem (Drum Your Body)7:30
80Vincent LawrenceVirgo Tracks Again (Untitled B4) 2:36
81Virgo FourIn A Vision (Original 12 Inch Version)4:44
82Terry BaldwinHouse Master (Club Mix) 6:40
83Master C & JWhen You Hold Me (Original 12 Inch Version)6:43
84Lidell TownsellJack N’ Tall (Vocal) 5:25
85Sampson "Butch" MooreHouse Beat Box (Instrumental) 6:56
86PhuturePhuture Jacks (Original 12 Inch Version)7:43
87Lidell TownsellParty People Jack Your Body (House Mix)7:21
88Donnell RushKnockin At My Door (Dub) 8:56
89Radio FashionWhat You Deserve (Original 12 Inch Version)5:45
90Santos Work Me Trax (Original 12 Inch Version)1:48
91Dean AndersonDon’t Stop (Original 12 Inch Version)5:11
92MysteryMystery Girl (Dub)5:08
93PhutureSpank-Spank (Original 12 Inch Version)5:01
94Terry BaldwinHousemaster (Original 12 Inch Version)6:54
95Grant And DezzYou're Too Good (Dezz-A-Dub)4:30
96The House GangHangover Trax (Original 12 Inch Version)3:35
97Virgo FourGoing Thru Life (Original 12 Inch Version)4:36
98Vincent LawrenceVirgo Tracks Again (Untitled B1) 2:00
99Santos Beat The Knuckles (Original 12 Inch Version)6:25
100Kevin IrvingChildren Of The Night (Dub) 6:52
101Farley Jackmaster FunkFarley Knows House (Original 12 Inch Version)4:22
102PhutureWe Are Phuture (Original 12 Inch Version)8:32
103PhutureAcid Tracks (Original 12 Inch Version)11:48
104Boris BadenoughHey Rocky (Instrumental) 6:23
105DancerAm A Dog (Original 12 Inch Version)5:08
106Santos Work The Box (Vocals)4:30
107J.R. S House CoIt's About House (Original 12 Inch Version)6:00
108Jesse VelezGirls Out On The Floor (Original 12 Inch Version)4:38
109William SI’ll Never Let You Go (Instrumental Mix) 6:18
110Kool Rock SteadyI’ll Make You Dance (Original 12 Inch Version)4:35
111Farm BoyJackin’ Me Around (Farm Mix)6:52
112Willie WonkaWhat Is House? (Original 12 Inch Version)7:19
113Screamin' RachaelMy Main Man (My Main Vocal) 2:58
114VirgoR U Hot Enough (Original 12 Inch Version)7:39
115Lidell TownsellParty People Jack Your Body (Club Mix)7:04
116Kevin IrvingChildren Of The Night (Radio)3:56
117Ron HardySensation (Long)6:40
118M. E.School Hall (Original 12 Inch Version)4:25
119Mr. LeePump Up New York (Original 12 Inch Version)4:47
120Marshall Jefferson Presents HerculesLost In House (Groove Apella) 6:36
121Santos Space The Box (Original 12 Inch Version)6:22
122Jungle WonzTime Marches On (Vocal) 6:55
1232 House People Featuring Cynthia MMove My Body (Original 12 Inch Version)6:10
124Lidell TownsellDub Control (Original 12 Inch Version)6:23
125AdonisNo Way Back (Vocal)4:57
126Marshall Jefferson Presents HerculesLost In The Groove (Lost In House Mix) 8:37
127EvieJust Stay The Night (Original 12 Inch Version)4:47
128Sleezy D.I’ve Lost Control (House Side)9:42
129Mr. FingersWashing Machine (Original 12 Inch Version)4:19
130Vincent LawrenceVirgo Tracks Again (Untitled A2)2:00
131Curtis Mc Claine And On The HouseLet’s Get Busy (Radio Mix)3:07
132AdonisNo Way Back (Instrumental) 4:56
133On The HouseGive Me Back The Love (Radio Mix)4:35
134Lidell TownsellGet The Hole (Original 12 Inch Version)3:58
135Fresh Dum Dum Part Two (Instrumental) 7:16
136Lidell TownsellJack N’ Tall (Instrumental) 5:18
137Marshall JeffersonThe House Music Anthem (Move Your Body)7:48
138Mr. LeeHouse This House (Vocal) 5:06
139Ron HardySensation (Dub) 9:26
140Kool Rock SteadyPower Move (Fresh Mix)5:29
141Jack Master FunkJack The Bass (Original 12 Inch Version)6:37
142Eric BellYour Love (Instrumental Mix) 7:24
143 The 'B' Sides
144Kool Rock SteadyPower Move (Original 12 Inch Version)8:19
145Acid Fantaslee Mr. LeeFeels Good (Original 12 Inch Version)5:43
146Jesse VelezGirls Out On The Floor (Original 12 Inch Version)6:46
147Lidell TownsellJack The House (Original 12 Inch Version)5:01
148DalisRock Steady (Inst) 7:11
149MysteryMystery Girl (Original 12 Inch Version)5:50
150Jesse VelezLaugh The Night Away (Original 12 Inch Version)4:16
151Pierre's Pfantasy ClubG. T. B. Got The Bug (Original 12 Inch Version)7:52
152Jungle WonzThe Jungle (Jungle Mix)5:56
153K.G.B.Respect Rap (Instrumental) 3:31
154Farley Jackmaster FunkOh My God (Original 12 Inch Version)4:05
155AdonisWe're Rocking Down The House (Down Break)6:04
156Donnell RushKnockin At My Door (Original 12 Inch Version)5:29
157Farley "Jackmaster" Funk Presents Ricky DillardAs Always (Original 12 Inch Version)6:26
158AdonisWe’re Rocking Down The House (Original 12 Inch Version)8:06
159Fat AlbertGo Go (Original 12 Inch Version)3:57
160Grant And DezzYou're Too Good (Original 12 Inch Version)4:36
161Fat AlbertBeat Me Till I Jack (Original 12 Inch Version)5:45
162Farley Jackmaster FunkJack'n The House5:17
163Screamin' RachaelMy Main Man (Original 12 Inch Version)6:03
164Marshall JeffersonRide The Rhythm (Remix Instrumental) 7:25
165Farley Jackmaster FunkJack'n The Trax4:54
166Jack Master DickJack The Dick (Dickapella)1:10
167On The HouseGive Me Back The Love (Dub Mix) 8:23
1682 House People Featuring Cynthia MTrax My Body (Original 12 Inch Version)7:06
169Sweet DDo Do It (Original 12 Inch Version)6:39
170Jesse VelezDo It To The Beat (Original 12 Inch Version)5:35
171Marshall Jefferson Presents HerculesLost In The Groove (Vocal) 8:25
172Vincent LawrenceVirgo Tracks Again (Untitled B3) 1:52
173Mr. FingersBeyond The Clouds (Original 12 Inch Version)7:55
174M. E.Ride (Original 12 Inch Version)4:25
175Jackmaster Dick’s RevengeSensuous Woman Goes Disco (Original 12 Inch Version)8:10
176Mr. LeePump Up Chicago (Acid Mix)4:52
177DancerNumber Nine (S&F Mix) 2:29
178Two Of A Kind Featuring James EarlSomewhere In West Hell (Inst.) 5:52
179Vincent LawrenceVirgo Tracks Again (Untitled A4)2:00
180Sweet DDig I Da-Dig I Da (Original 12 Inch Version)2:22
181DancerNumber Nine (Bedroom Mix)3:39
182Marshall JeffersonThe House Music Anthem (Dub Your Body)7:33
183William SI’ll Never Let You Go (Vocal Mix)6:09
184Farm BoyJackin’ Me Around (Dub Mix) 6:34
185Doctor DerilictDance Doctor (Original 12 Inch Version)6:23
186Acid Fantaslee Mr. LeeArt Of Acid (Original 12 Inch Version)8:36
187Doctor DerilictDance Doctor (Inst) 6:14
188Lidell TownsellUnder Control (Original 12 Inch Version)6:35
189Eric BellYour Love (Vocal Mix) 5:53
190Jack Master DickJack The Dick (S.M.M.F.D.)7:08
191Pierre's Pfantasy ClubGot The Bug (Dub) 4:56
192Rude Boy Himself Farley Farley FarleyGive Your Self To Me (Original 12 Inch Version)4:14
193Marshall JeffersonRide The Rhythm (Remix)7:03
194DancerStars On Number Nine (Original 12 Inch Version)7:32
195Farley "Jackmaster" Funk Presents Ricky DillardAs Always (Acid As) 4:50
196Lidell TownsellParty People Jack Your Body (Dub)1:05
197Jesse VelezGirls Out On The Floor (Dub)7:07
198Sampson "Butch" MooreHouse Beat Box (Original 12 Inch Version)6:20
199On The House With Marshall JeffersonRide The Rhythm (Mixed By Ron Hardy)
Mixed By – Ron Hardy
200Screamin RachaelMy Main Man (My Main Beat)3:48
201EvieJust Stay The Night (Radio Edit)4:09
202Le' NoizI'm Scared (Original 12 Inch Version)5:31
203Fat AlbertGo Go Again (Original 12 Inch Version)3:25
204Jesse VelezFire 121 (Original 12 Inch Version)6:20
205K.G.B.Respect Rap (Extended Version) 5:43
206Jungle WonzThe Jungle (Original 12 Inch Version)6:05
207Frankie KnucklesBaby Wants To Ride (Original 12 Inch Version)8:37
208Jackmaster Dick's RevengeSensuous Man Goes Disco (Original 12 Inch Version)3:32
209Mr. LeeI Can’t Forget (Vocal) 4:40
210Sweet DTurn It (Original 12 Inch Version)6:34
211Pleasure ZoneFantasy (Original 12 Inch Version)4:26
212 The 'A' Sides
213Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands HulaGotta Big Dick (Original 12 Inch Version)6:19
214Pleasure ZoneJana (Original 12 Inch Version)4:59
215Maurice Joshua With Hot Hands HulaFeel The Mood (Original 12 Inch Version)4:08
216DancerBoom-Boom (Original 12 Inch Version)7:43
217Mr. LeePump Up London (Original 12 Inch Version)7:02
218VirgoMy Space (Original 12 Inch Version)4:26
219Marshall JeffersonThe House Music Anthem (House Your Body)7:43
220DalisRock Steady (Original 12 Inch Version)5:48
221Fresh Dum Dum Part Two 7:13
222Donnell RushKnockin At My Door (Edit)3:41


  • Compiled ByIan Dewhirst, Jonathan Woodliffe
  • Mastered By, EngineerArjan Rietvink
  • Sleeve NotesBill Brewster


Corrections have been made in the tracklist here for the following errors on the release:
The titles of 6-3 ('Boom-Boom') and 14-10 ('Am a Dog') are swapped.
7-6, 16-2 and 16-3 are miscredited to Hit Trax III The House Gang. This wrongly amalgamates the artist name (The House Gang) with the original release title ('Hit Trax III').
The mix titles of 10-5 and 2-6 ('House Side' and 'Space Side') are swapped.
1-6 is listed as Jack The House.
13-7 is misprinted as 'Come Get House (Club)'.

The liner notes for 6-1 are accidentally repeated as the notes for 5-13 in the accompanying book.


  • Barcode: 5 014797 139909


Traxbox Vol. Лента с персональными рекомендациями и музыкальными новинками, радио, подборки на любой вкус, удобное управление своей коллекцией. Trax Records Remastered. Исполнитель: Various artists. 2013 electronic. Покупайте и продавайте винил и компакт-диски, формируйте. Listen free to Various Artists Traxbox Wanna Dance original 12 version, Girls Out on the Floor original 12 version and more. 200 tracks 1105:47. Remastered anthology of Trax Records' first 75 house releases from 1985 to 1989. Warning Deleting this artist may remove other artists and scrobbles from your library - please handle with caution Note: You can view albums tagged as 'Various Artists' in your library here. The term Various Artists is used in the record industry when numerous singers and musicians collaborate on a song or collection of songs. Various Artists. Ищете треки из альбома Traxbox исполнителя Radio Fashion Тогда заходите на наш сайт - слушайте музыку онлайн и скачивайте бесплатно. Треки альбома Traxbox Radio Fashion слушать онлайн. Для правобладателей DMCA . Ron Hardy's Resurrection - Single. Baja Imperial - Single. Plastic Mode. Westbrook Classic Club Hits. Bam Bam. Network: Volume One - Detroid. Or consider a donation More Albums. View All. Black Panther: The Album. Discover more upcoming concerts. Listen to Traxbox: The Trax Records Box Set on YouTube. Loading content from YouTube. Traxbox: The Trax Records Box Set track list. No tracks have been rated on this album yet. Sort by. Track Number